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There is always an on-going project at Sons of Thunder Zambia. Take a look at what's currently happening! If you would like to contribute to any of the projects listed, please make sure to include a memo with your donation. Thank you for making a difference!!

Zambia Background.jpg

Big Building

A 12-bed inpatient facility that we refer to as the "Big Building."


Medical Staff Housing

Whenever you hire a professional like a teacher, nurse or clinical officer, accommodations are to be provided in the addition to their salary. With 10 professionals on staff at the clinic, it looks like houses are going to be under construction for some time to come. Medical staff house #5 is the current project........ The first picture starts with medical staff #1-#5 and the second picture starts with #5-#1


Big Building

It is done!!! All it needs now is painting on the outside. A 12-bed inpatient facility that we refer to as the "Big Building." is now a complete structure.

West view of the building.jpg
West wing of the new building for inpatient care
east wing for outpatient care
Big Building.jpg

Big Building

The Inpatient Facility is now painted on the outside as well

Inp Facility 2.jpg
Inp Facility.jpg
Inp Facility 4.jpg
Inp Facility 5.jpg

Sons of Thunder Primary School

New Staff at the Primary School Need Accommodation!

The Ministry of Education finally had a deployment of new graduates and Sons of Thunder was blessed with 6 new teachers! These new government-paid teachers have joined Anna, (the headmistress) as well as our SOT-paid teachers Makulomo and Terry. Unfortunately Anephias was deployed to another school at the border despite our request to keep him at SOT.

(Man kneeling in front is the Councilman)


Teacher's House No. 1

Whenever a teacher or nurse/clinical officer is hired or posted in Zambia, you are responsible to provide housing. These are the three available houses that are at the primary school site. They were never completely finished and have worn significantly over the years. Now that we are at a good place with medical, it is time to focus on the school with renovation of the existing houses and construction of new ones to accommodate our new teachers.  Here are before and after pictures of the first renovated house. 

TH no2.jpg
TH no2pic.jpg

Teacher's House No. 2

The second house at the school has been renovated as well. 

Anna's House not painted.jpg
Anna's House painted.jpg
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