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Sons of Thunder is an interdenominational Christian mission organization, God-initiated and God-directed, with the mission statement "to feed Africa physically and spiritually through the enabling of the Holy Spirit." There are multiple facets to this ministry. First, there is the spiritual aspect with multiple churches and church plants as well as ministries for men, women and youth respectively, all with the focus to share the good news of salvation as well as the love of Jesus in compassionate service to those in need. There is an agricultural aspect with a conservational type of farming based on biblical principles called Farming God's Way that includes maize production as well as fruits and vegetables. The harvested maize is then ground into mealie-meal with the use of a commercial maize mill. Other areas of the agriculture side include fish farming and rearing of village chicken. The third facet of Sons of Thunder is a medical ministry which includes an outpatient medical clinic, a free-standing lab, a 6-bed maternity center and a 12-bed inpatient facility. Besides medical care provided at the on-site facilities, there is also scheduled monthly outreaches to the surrounding communities. The fourth area of ministry is education and includes child care, pre-school, primary school, a work-study program called the Blessed Fund and a sponsorship program  through college. Entrepreneurship and skills training with mentorships has led to licenses and certifications. There is a conference center used mainly by the Ministry of Health for varied workshops as well as student nurse clinical rotations and there is a food kitchen used to feed free meals to the hungry that we call the "Nshima Kitchen". In all areas of ministry, Jesus is found in the midst and offered as our only source of hope!


Alex Mumbulu Director.jpg

Alex Mumbulu

27-06-1978 - 09-12-2023

Alex was a born leader, equipped by God to be Director of all Sons of Thunder Zambia. During his time he ran his race faithfully.

May His Soul Rest in Peace 

Alex Mumbulu


Doubt Able Siambula Director.jpg

Able has been a headman since we began villages in 2006. He is not only the headman for Canaan village, but he is also senior headman over all the villages at SOT. He is one of our Hino drivers, transporting produce to Livingstone twice a week. Able is married to Bessie and has 4 children.

Doubt “Able” Siambula


Sal Marini Director.jpg

Sal Marini


Sal was a paramedic and educator in the US and is a Clinical Officer in Zambia. Just a husband, father and grandfather, Sal answered the call of God to “start a clinic on the farm.” Other God-given directives included “raise the standard” and “feed a nation.”


“Don’t look up…just do what I put in front of you.”


That’s the way it’s been for 16 years and

counting now.

Renee Marini Director-Secretary.jpg

Renee Marini


Renee is a Registered Nurse in both the US and Zambia.  Just a wife, mother and grandmother, Renee answered the call of God to “start a clinic on the farm.”  Other God-given directives included “raise the standard” and “feed a nation.”


“Don’t take the next step until I light the stone,” “Practice Presence,” and “Don’t quit.”


That’s the way it’s been for 16 years and counting now.

Jerry Beall Director.jpg

Jerry Beall


Pastor Jerry was called by God into full-time ministry at age 14. Ordained as a minister in 1971 he has been “under appointment” for over 40 consecutive years…serving 33 years as a pastor before assuming full-time leadership of Sons of Thunder Ministry in the Unites States. He is a husband, father, and grandfather and still as eager and strong to do the work as when God first called him.

Innocent Mate Accounts-Website Manager.jpg

Innocent loves God and has a heart for the youth. Besides accounts and managing the website, he also oversees the Student Sponsorship Program, does tutoring, heads up the youth ministry, teaches Sunday School, leads the choir and is coach of the football team.

Innocent Mate


Headmen Board of Leaders.jpg

Headmen Board of Leaders

From left to right:


Obert Nalumino

Alpha Muleya

Vincent Moono

Alex Mumbulu

Doubt (Able) Siambula

Ocrist Kanjolo

Simon Kapoka

Jones Namukamba







Southern Corner


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