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But this time they found an electric fence around the farm proper and all irrigated fields and gardens. Prevented from entering the farm proper, they proceeded to Southern Corner where they feasted on whatever was left of our drought-stricken maize.

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Munkombwe was raised at SOT and was assisted from the Student Sponsorship Program and The Blessed Fund to pursue a career in art. After training at school and the National Art Gallery in Lusaka, Munkombwe is now building a reputation as a "budding artist." To say thank you to Sons of Thunder Munkombwe designed, constructed, and installed this beautiful sign post at the road side!

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After a long time of having classes in an outdoor shelter construction of the new preschool has finished! It is located right next to the primary school and the kids are loving it! This wouldn't of have been possible without your prayers and financial support. And as always thanks and praise to God for His direction and provision.

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