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Sponsors Needed!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Anyone interested in sponsoring College Students....we have three excellent candidates who excelled in secondary school with very high marks and need sponsors right away.

Gift is the same boy whose story started the entire student sponsorship program! He was given the Best Student Award in 10th grade and his grade 12 results include 5 top distinctions, 2 merits and 1 credit. He has been accepted to three different universities and he wants to study Electronic Engineering. He has been working for the past year as a Clinical Assistant at the clinic

Ethan is son of Professor and Betty. His grade 12 results also include 5 distinctions 2 merits and 1 credit. He also has been accepted to three universities and wants a B.S in Statistics. He has been working the past year as the S.O.T Mobile Money Agent for MTN Network.

Mainza just moved out of Padmore and Orient's house to join Innocent in the apartment for single guys. His grade 12 results include 2 distinctions and 6 merits. He has been accepted to the University of Zambia and wants to study Economics. He also has been working as a Clinical Assistant for a year at the clinic.

We also have Orry Son of Pastor Julius and Royce. This young man has been to College this past year but can not go back to school next year because of lack of enough funds.

For more information on these students please go to the sponsor a student page under College Students....When you click on the student's image it will bring more information about that particular student.

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