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School Sponsorship Program

SPONSORS NEEDED: for either the Blessed Fund or School Sponsorship Fund See our FB page: Sons of Thunder: Sponsor a Student or our website @

We need your help! These are the grade 8-12 school kids who live at SOT. During school breaks (three a year in April, August and December) they work with what we call the "Blessed Fund" program. This is a work/study program to keep 68 teenagers busy during their break time with their first job, learning good work ethics, managing their money and helping their parents with back-to-school shopping. They work for 4-5 hours in the morning, have one hour for lunch, then return for some kind of study lessons. We have had field trips, guest speakers from different career paths, additional school classroom instruction (especially during COVID), Bible studies, games, etc. They absolutely love it and can't wait to join once they graduate 7th grade!

It is our goal at Sons of Thunder to make sure these kids have the opportunity to complete grade 12 and so we are asking for financial assistance.

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