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Feeding The Nation!

There is a lot to say but I will make it short. When a donation was made for the Maize Mill, there was no specific plan for how it will operate(as in where to get the maize or what to do with the mealie-meal produced) but God knew. In a time of need when there was a severe drought locals harvested a fraction if not nothing at all from their farming, God somehow provided us a Maize Mill and a couple of maize bags harvested from our fields of which were our first fruits. Hunger hit the neighboring areas and individuals walked long distances just to come and ask for help. Somehow God made a way to provide for many using the same bags of maize harvested when others got little or nothing by feeding them for free in the Food Kitchen locally known as Nshima Kitchen. Today the Maize Mill grinds about 40 bags in a day and they are sold at a cheaper price to the locals compared to other millers. There are bags that are allocated to the food kitchen to continue feeding the hungry and workers at Sons of Thunder get a free 25kg bag of meal every month. Having said all this, we thank God for the provision and give all the glory to Him.

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