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Happy New Year to All from Both of Us! 2023 feels like a new chapter (no pun intended! Let me tell you the story: Back in 2019, I felt stirred to "write the story." I said, "OK Lord." I was sure He meant when we were finished our journey. On furlough that year in July, I took my granddaughter to Barnes and Noble to select a requested birthday present. While there, I saw a very large sign over one section of books. It screamed "WRITE NOW." I knew that message was for me. When I returned back to Zambia that year, I started doing research, gathering all my journals from over the years (and there were a lot), re-reading old blogsite entries and FB posts, etc. With God's direction and confirmation, I wrote the book in 2020 amid COVID restrictions and no visitors. I snuck away several times to a hideaway on the Zambezi River. My being there helped keep their business afloat and their staff paid during the hard time of COVID and I had peace and quiet to write. I completed the book in 2021. Taking one step at a time as God directed, I submitted the manuscript to Redemption Press and they accepted! Together, we began the very long process of turning into the finished product you see in this post. Finally, and hopefully "at just the right time" the book will be released this month. Continue to watch for further updates and pull quotes from the book!

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