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This year Sons of Thunder formed an official football team that is registered in the League. Since the league started in July, the team has been winning every single game they’ve played. Two weeks ago the team was invited to participate in a one day tournament that was held on the 9th of September. In this tournament, there were 7 teams that participated and Sons of Thunder football team emerged victorious as champions in the three games they played….. All glory to God

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The Medical Complex consists of the outpatient clinic, a freestanding lab, a 6-bed maternity center, a 12-bed inpatient facility, and an outside kitchen. Interior painting, equipment placing from Project C.U.R.E was done and now recently God provided funds for the one thing that had remained……. The exterior painting…. The Provincial Health Office paid us a surprise visit and their report was in their words “This is how a medical clinic is supposed to look like”. As stewards we are grateful to God always for the provision.

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As SOT was growing numerically, it led it led too many mothers coming for work with their babies on their back. Seeing this happen a Child Care was opened in order to meet the need that was rising. Mothers are now able to work freely and are given a break to nurse their babies. Here are some pictures of mothers and their babies @ #childcare….

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