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The prolonged absence of sufficient rainfall has hit the land hard. The scorching heat beats relentlessly upon parched fields, crops wither and yields diminish, painting a picture of uncertainty.

The rain-fed fields have always depended on the rhythm of the seasons. Everyone knew that rainy season was coming and preparation was done. However, the severe drought conditions have ruined this delicate balance, depriving crops of essential moisture, stunting growth and reducing yields to less or nothing.

The impact of the drought does not end with scarcity of food alone. The water reservoirs are not full, forcing the authorities to implement certain measurements including rationing electricity. With hydro electric power generation disturbed by reducing water levels, communities are faced with the reality of limited access to electricity (shut-offs starting at 8 hours per day) resulting in disrupted daily routines.

We may not know what tomorrow brings but what we do know is that God’s providence is beyond imagination and so we are thankful.

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It was with heavy hearts and profound sadness when we had to bid farewell with one of our remarkable leaders of Sons of Thunder Zambia, "Alex Mumbulu". He was more than just a leader, he was a beacon of wisdom, source of inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Throughout his time here at Sons of Thunder, Alex showed unwavering dedication, tireless commitment and passion for not only this place but the people in it and in the surrounding communities.

Alex Led with humility, integrity, and compassion, always placing the needs of others before his. Because of such a character, we choose to celebrate his life, the rich memories and achievements left behind. His legacy will continue to inspire and remind us of a genuine desire to serve.

It has taken time for us to finally come out here on social media and have this closure but all in all, we will continue to move forward by God's grace that is sufficient and we won't give up.


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We had a rainstorm today with high, devastating winds.....32 iron sheets were ripped off the roof of the church, (thankfully after service when no one was in the building!)

Also affected were approximately 12 homes in different areas throughout the farm, as well as some of the farm buildings like the chicken coop, the shelter used for cleaning maize and a couple storage rooms.

We are thankful no one was injured, but damage is not only costly but discouraging as well!

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